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My business experience has allowed me a wide range of experiences - from initiatives based on negotiating outsourcing services, to building the first cloud infrastructure. Building high performance teams has been focused on breaking log jams and mobilizing work forces to help the business flourish. But, you don't have to take my word for it... 

"Tara's experience was invaluable as she helped fracture massive blocks of seemingly impossible project work into manageable, surmountable chunks. Add to these accomplishments her constant words of encouragement and personal coaching of others and you can see why the people who worked with her were lucky to do so." 

David Johnston

"Tara is a driver. She gets to the heart of what's required, organizes and manages the work, and holds people accountable. Her style is pragmatic, transparent, positive and friendly, which creates loyalty and trust. She creates an environment where the team wants to deliver, and knows exactly what is expected of them to do it." 

Jeff Shnurr

"Tara Wilson blows into a conference room like a breath of fresh air; she cuts through the fog of fear, uncertainty and doubt. She wants to get things done, and she inspires others to work with her towards common goals. I really like her 'we can do it' attitude." 

Taylor Clark 

"Tara cares deeply about customer success, knows how to build a business...a team player who listens to ideas, it is this integrity of accountability that makes her a strong leader."

Lee Tran

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