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Check out my LinkedIn Profile for specific project details and success testimonials

Shaking Hands
Transformational Change

Cloud implementation - Built the plan for cloud migration, harnessed leaderships' vision for operationalizing cloud services. Worked cross-functionally to transition processes, skill sets and goals to adopt these new capabilities and new ways of working.

Organizational Restructure - Helped transition an IT department from a traditional hierarchical structure to a matrix organization. Helped IT departments move from waterfall project management to scrum and kanban.

Executive Coaching

I've worked with CEOs to redefine organizational structures, develop leadership plans and work with teams to help use their strengths to build future leaders and actionable plans for the success of the company. 

We'll build a framework for decision-making surrounding life and career choices. Manage your personal and professional paths by setting goals and measuring your progress. Uncover root problems, the desired state, the road blocks that need to be resolved and the key players needed to run this initiative.

Program Management

Built program plans for technology changes, selected the team resources and met critical success factors. Developed cross-functional internal communications plans for all layers of employees as well as senior leadership. Worked with HR to help update employee career plans and role profiles. 

Managed program teams accountable for software product delivery. Successfully managed the program team accountable for software consumer product delivery. 

Business Consulting
Paying Customer

As someone who's spent years as a part of several small business associations, I've worked with many businesses to help them become more operationally effective and develop both online and marketing strategies. 


As someone who's spent years as a board member, I've also helped organizations work through budgeting issues, succession planning  and building out solid workforces. 

Most local business owners started with a passion for what they do, I love sharing my experiences and helping develop plans to help local businesses achieve success in their industry.  

Giving a Speech
Inspirational Speaking or Seminar Leader

Sharing my experience in technology, program management, and senior leadership in the realms ranging from startup to scale up to corporate, my messages revolve around empowering people to take action to work together to move your organization to where it needs to be. 

These have focused on several types of session: keynote engagements, departmental alignment or subject matter expertise - each with the aim of rallying teams with a call to action. 

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