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Helping you close the strategy to execution gap 

Redefining business consulting




From diagnosing the problem or opportunity, to developing the action plans to working with leadership and teams to build alignment - together we'll make plans you can execute with or without my ongoing support.



My focus in technology centres around leveraging technology to drive transformational change. Successful projects have included digital transformation, go to market planning, building external strategies and internal situational plans ensure the we achieve our goals. 



I work with leaders who interested in capitalizing on the benefits of technological advancement, tuning their go to market strategies, building resilient work forces and continual improvement. 

My Promise

I have spent my career in the IT space ~ working with organizations to help them assess, adopt and integrate new technologies to help increase velocity,  simplify internal process and increase market share.


I help organizations achieve their vision by working with executives to build the right action plans and unleash the power of the collective to get the right results. 

My customers have tried going to 'lead experts' for specific plans, but because these plans failed to account for alignment people, processes and technology, implementing these plans created more challenges than they fixed, lacked the coordination necessary to bring the organization together and ended up slowing growth.

My promise is to assess the situation, assess what you need to do to holistically put an actionable plan in place and support you and the executive team while we work the plan and get results. 


Waterloo, Ontario

Phone: 519-788-2723


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